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Iyengar Yoga Mat Class

Start your weekend with a full yoga practice! Class begins with standing poses to open and align the body followed by seated asanas to provide balance. Restorative poses are also included to help calm the mind and bring focus inward.  This class is all you need to feel both energized and calm!

Gentle Pace Online Class

On Thursday at 1:00 PM, we have Gentle Pace Online class. A slow paced mat class utilizing your props at home. You will need a small wall space, sturdy chair, strap and small blankets. This class includes standing, seated, restorative poses to open and relax the body. Some Pranayama (breath work) is provided. Please email for link and payment 

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Group Class

(In-person, On-line)

$20 per session

Thursday: 1-2:15 pm

Saturday: 9-10:15 am

Individual Session

(On-line or In person) 

$65 per hour 

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E-mail to reserve your space!

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